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This is a message of THANKS with dear appreciation to each and everyone of you who took the "time" to write a TESTIMONIAL. Our main concern as a breeder are how our babies are "taken care of" throughout their lifetime, and I can see your puppies have become part of your family, to love, play with, help cope with life, will always greet you at the door, and to snuggle with.

We would also like to say; "Thank You!" to all our clients who have purchased our puppies! It gives us great pleasure when someone leaves our home with the puppy of their dreams and put a smile on their face!! Call us for many "referrals" including our veterinarian referral. 863-244-9952 PRINCETIN POODLES LLC

If you own a PRINCETIN baby, please send us your photos and testimonial, we would love to post your puppy on this page!!

 "SADIE" 2016 ~ Out of Annika X Raja Litter

(Silver Brindle)

Culleen and Jazare of Princetin Poodles, have both been extremely accommodating and helpful in our search for the right puppy for our family. I searched for awhile to find a Standard Poodle breeder that I found to be ethical and responsible and their passion for the breed is evident. Even when I was pretty particular about the puppy I was looking for, Culleen made it happen. We have a wonderful addition to our family who commands all the attention everywhere we go; and is a joy for young and old alike. In fact out friends that dog sat for us over a long weekend were so smitten, they wanted Sadie's breeder information right away !

- The Barnard Family, Bradenton FL


CARLI ~ 2012 from Arial X Romeo Litter

CARLI ~ Arial X Romeo Litter


I purchased my beloved Carli from Princetin Poodles in June, 2011. I had the pleasure to visit the home of Culleen and Paul Martin a few weeks before hand and was so impressed by all the surroundings that I knew I would only purchase from them. Their Standard Poodles are the most beautiful specimens of the breed I have ever seen. Arial and Romeo, the dam and sire of my Carli are exquisite. The puppy pens were immaculate and the love Culleen and Paul have for their canines was evident in every way.

I have had standard poodles all my life, but have never experienced what I am with Miss Carli. She has the most tender, loving temperament, is docile, but active when appropriate. She learns commands the second time around, was house trained to door bells in 2 weeks and truly compliments my retired life in every way. Carli loves children, no inappropriate barking and is a standing visitor at local nursing homes. I adore her. If my home was large enough, I would have another from Princetin, but now, my life revolves around her.


I have added another girl to my family named, "Latte." She was also purchased from Princetin Poodles. Carli and Latte' are two Gemstones put together, one is Love - two is Bliss, now my family is complete!

My home is maintained for the pleasure and comfort of Carli and Latte.' Please feel free to contact me at any time for my recommendations.



"LUCY" 2014 ~ From Chiquira X La Rouge Litter

I have had only Standard Poodles since college in the sixties. I have always wanted a red standard. We did a lot research and found Princetin Poodles. We like that Culleen was a meticulous breeder. Her dogs are all health tested and she cares that all her pups find the right forever home. We got Lucy at 8 weeks old on the first weekend in December 2014. Lucy is now 11 months old and we are so happy to have her. She is beautiful and people rave about her stunning golden red color. She was so easy to house train and has been doing great in obedience class which includes agility, which she loves. She's very healthy and athletic and has all the qualities you love about Standard Poodles. If you are looking for a Standard Poodle that's healthy and combines both beauty and brains, you won't want to miss Culleen's dogs at Princetin Poodles.


"POLLY" 2O14 pictures ~ From Bling Bling X Sizzle Litter

     In August of 2014 we decided that t was time to get another poodle after the loss of our first standard. Searching the net, we were enamored of the parti poodles we saw, and asked about for a local breeder who is reliable and conscientious. A friend recommended Princetin Poodles, so we went online to see what might be available.

     As fortune might have it, we were just in time to find a batch of recently whelped partis at the Princetin site. ( We made contact, and when the time was appropriate, came to Arcadia, Fl. to see what they looked like. We were immediately struck by the care taken by Culleen Martin with the health and welfare of her ?puppers.? We had read the voluminous material provided on the web site, and looked at the puppies, of course, but the facilities were impressive. Everything was spotlessly clean, and there was no ?doggy smell? about the place. The puppies were obviously healthy and frisky, rushing around in a muddle of paws and jaws. All of them were great looking, but Chenel was special. We were allowed to hold them only after donning protective outerwear and footwear, to prevent any exposure to noxious agents or diseases.

     We made arrangements to come and get her in mid to late September. We were second in line for prime pick, but another pup went first, so we got the one we wanted. Again, we donned protective gear to shield the facilities from contamination. We spent a considerable amount of time that day listening to instructions, getting materials on health, care, grooming, and practically anything else you could imagine related to keeping Chenel happy and healthy. We received a number of items useful for caring for and exercising Chenel, as well as information on proper care and feeding. It was an impressive training session.

     We finally bundled Chenel up and took her home to Bradenton after all the preparation was over, and have been delighted ever since. She has excellent conformation, perfect dentition, and no signs of any genetic malformations or maladies. She is growing apace, and developing into a joyful companion, going through the usual puppy gyrations.

     If we sought another poodle pup, Princetin would be our first resource. There are a number of different color types coming along, so it is wise to check the web to find out when the color you want is likely to be available. There will be no duds, so any one you get will be a great choice.

Stephen D. Smith, Ph.D.

Mary Jane Smith


"Roland" 2O15 ~ From Chiquira X Romeo Litter / "Evie" (apricot)

We now have 2 poodles from Culleen at Princetin Poodles and we couldn't be happier. Both dogs are beautiful and wonderful pets. First we got the Apricot Girl D?ore (Evey). She is just beautiful and our little princess. She is mild mannered and has the cutest little prance as she trots. After about a year we decided to get another dog, this time we wanted a boy. Ebony (Roland) is all boy with an easy going nature, bit time lover boy with a bit of rascal. They get along perfectly together and are inseparable. It was a pleasure doing business with Culleen. Both dogs were delivered by her husband Paul. It was a long trip from Florida to Michigan and Paul did a wonderful job, he is so nice. Annette walks the dogs everyday and they are now a big in the neighborhood. The dogs just bring out big smiles from everyone. Everyone asks if they are show dogs and many have poodle stories to tell. We are very happy we decided to get 2 dogs.

Don & Annette 


"MARLIN" My Service Dog

Hi Culleen,

Hope you and your husband are doing well. Marlin got groomed today and he wanted me to send you this picture. He is doing very well. I feel that we got the perfect companion. There is not one single thing, I wish was different about him. He goes everywhere with us. He spends very little time in his crate anymore. He spends part of the night in bed with us, but spends most of the night next to my side of the bed on the floor. He gets along very well with both our cats. We continue to work with Ali, and Marlin continues to progress well in his Service dog training. I believe we will stick with his training thru becoming a service dog. His favorite things to do are play ball, run errands and spend time on the boat. He is developing quite a large vocabulary. We only feed him Blue Buffalo. He is a little picky about eating and does the best when I sit with him while he eats. He weighs 64.5 lbs. He is described by the people he comes in contact with as very well behaved, gorgeous, regal, noble, elegant, all of which I, of course feel in understated. He sends hugs and kisses!


Marlin, Linda & Ed


MARCELL 2O14 pictures ~ From Bling Bling X Sizzle Litter

I purchased my beautiful parti poodle Marcell from Princtin poodles.

When I visited him for the first time I was so impressed with the cleanliness and care given to the poodles in Culleen's home. I met all of the poodles and I really feel these poodles have the best dispositions of any poodles anywhere! Marcell is a joyful dog, he's healthy, sweet, and gorgeous! Everyone who meets him isimpressed with his beautiful markings and engaging personality. I would recommend Princetin poodles to anyone wanting the best. 



Hi Culleen,

Turbo is almost 16 months old now and doing wonderfully well. Turbo is intelligent, curious, and above all, extremely affectionate. Turbo is my constant companion. He loves to sit by my side, leaning against me, or tucking his head under my shoulder while I pet him. He gets along well with our other dog, as well as with our cat. He's gentle as a lamb, though his big deep bark would frighten any potential intruders away. Every single time I take him out for his two mile walk, he gets compliments. People actually stop their cars to tell me how handsome he is. They love the way he prances. I believe one of the most important traits in a dog is temperament and Turbo has a fantastic temperament. The only way to be assured of getting a dog with excellent qualities is through careful breeding and I am delighted with my Princetin poodle.

Regards, Catherine 


"JIMMY" from Chanel X Romeo Litter

Jimmy at 2 years old

We are so in love with our beautiful boy Jimmy. We call him Jimmy the Human Poodle since he is so smart and well behaved. We purchased Jimmy when he was just 3 days old. Culleen had posted his little picture with his mother Chanel and I knew that was my puppy. I had been in contact with Culleen for several months before the purchase and she was always there to answer my many questions. Her site is so informative and she is so knowledgeable that I knew she was the breeder I wanted to purchase from. It's very evident that she loves and cares for her dogs

After picking up Jimmy we had a 3 hour drive back to the east coast of Florida and Jimmy sat there the whole time in my lap just cuddling and being so calm. I thought it was because he was scared. I took him to the vet within 3 days and he just sat there so well behaved and calm that everyone including the doctor was amazed. I thought again he must just be scared. But, this I am please to say is his nature. Just so adorable and sweet, he loves to play catch and already is bringing the ball back to me with very little coaxing. We have him crate trained and bells on the door and within one week he was getting it. After just 3 weeks he is swatting that bell and walks willing in to his crate for his naps and bedtime. I taught him to sit in just 3 tries. He is only 11 weeks old but has already been with us boating and out for a day of driving up the coast to enjoy the beautiful weather. We love our new companion and couldn't be happier with Princetin Poodles. My brother who is a veterinarian is trying to convince me that two poodles is always better than one. I don't think he will have to twist my arm too hard and if I do decide to get another one I will be going right back to Culleen and her beautiful Poodles.


Jimmy's Mom

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 "VERA" ~ Chanel X Romeo Litter 

Hello Culleen!

Vera is doing fabulously! People are amazed she's 5 months old and so good and mellow. Except when she gets the puppy zoomies.... that full blast run for a few seconds. I spend hours with her daily, walking and playing and experiencing as many things as possible: walking where there is noisy traffic, lots of different people, dogs and environments. We started pet smart puppy training a couple weeks ago and the girl likes Vera and said she is a star pupil. I don't know if they're trained to say that or not??? LOL. She loves water, laying the rain, going in the shower when you are showering LOL, laying in puddles at the dog park, etc. She did great last month when we went to a weekend car event with our 1923 Ford Roadster, she fell asleep in the seat with all the noise; burn outs, loud reving engines, crowds of hundreds, etc. She has riden in a bike basket; now she's too big for it. Growing rapidly. At the dog park on our camping vacation last month they had a cat walk and an A frame and she when up and down and through tunnels. Agility in her future??? maybe

She is a beautiful girl and lots of fun and a quick learner. She has been using the crate since day 1 and up until last week she slept at night in it. Now she has a big dog bed next to my side of the bed to sleep in or she chooses to go under the bed. She uses the bells you gave me since day one and now we've graduated to the doggie door to the kennel area that our previous dog used.

Bill and I come back to Florida the first week of November and will give you a call so we can come for a visit.

Hope you and all the dogs have a great summer!


Vera, Kathy & Bill


"GRACIE" ~ from Chanel x Romeo Litter

Hi Culleen,

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Gracie. She is smart and very lovable. I know we mad the right decision to purchase from you. She is also very laid back except like her sister Vera she gets the puppy zoomies. We took her to Georgia and she loves it there too. We did not do the bell for her to go out but she goes and sits at the door when she needs to potty. Took her to a four week training and she was a star pupil. The trainer used her to show others how it was to be done. We would recommend your puppies to everyone. Please have anyone to contact us if they like. We also want to bring her down for your to see her.



"Molly" ~ from Chiquira x La Rouge Litter

"Molly" ~ At the Ocean


I would like to thank you for our beautiful red girl. She love to be outside to run and play, but quickly calms down inside. She is content to just be with us hanging out. She is perfect on the grooming table from the very first time. I am amazed at how quickly she picks up new commands and training. She quickly learned to sit beside me with only a slight hand signal. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have sweet Molly in our lives. Our vet, who has poodles, was so excited to see her. He marveled at her conformation and her great temperament. Thanks again for our beautiful lady.



"Pepe" ~ from Chiquira x Rocky Litter, 2013

Dear Culleen,

I am very happy with Pepe, he has been great since we met your husband and picked him up. He did very well on the way home, he did not have an accident from Florida to Illinois. He is very smart and does learn quickly. He is good with everyone. He is sometimes a little over bearing to other dogs, but puppies are like that. He has known sit since about 2 months old. He also loves to go on the leash and will walk beside me and stop when I stop. I am so glad that I decided to stop at Princetin Poodles and see Culleen while I was on vacation in Florida. She has very clean and healthy looking dogs.

Thanks for raising Standard Poodles,



"KENZ0" from Chanel X Romeo Litter ~ SEIZURE ALERT DOG

Kenzo, My Service Dog

My name is Caitlyn. I was motivated to write this testimonial upon meeting our puppy and witnessing what a great addition he will make to our family. Kenzo is Chanel and Romeo?s puppy. He performed wonderfully on the Volhard test and is proving to be everything we hoped for in a seizure alert/response dog in training. Thank you to Culleen Martin for being so accommodating during our visit at 7 weeks and keeping us updated every step of the way. Kenzo has already learned simple commands at just 53 days old! I recommend Princetin Poodles to any prospective poodle owner who desires a healthy, even-tempered puppy. If that?s not enough of a reason then take my word that Mrs. Martin is the most knowledgeable and helpful breeder anyone could work with. Thanks for Kenzo!

Call PRINCETIN POODLES for my phone number - I will be glad to talk to you as a referral.


"Nixie" from Chanel X Romeo litter

Dear Culleen,

Nixie (formally Beyonce), born June 28, 2012 of Romeo and Chanel, is the most loving dog we have ever known. She has been happy, gentle, and obedient from the start but every day she is getting better and better and we are getting closer and closer to her. We have no doubt that her temperament and general near perfect nature are due to her breeding and we are so glad we found you in Arcadia.

If at anytime you need a reference, please feel free to provide our information.

Thank you.




Good Morning Culleen:

As a 'Testimonial', Princetin Poodles, as a breeder does have the cleanest of facilities even with several Standard Poodles and several Miniature Poodles running around awaiting new homes. Both inside and outer areas where the dog run was very clean and 'Gumby' was clean and well-

groomed as were his Sire and Dam and the other dogs around. It has been a lovely experience and a major one to check off my BUCKET LIST!!

Thank you Culleen and Princetin Poodles for this lovely newest member of my family, my newest best friend and companion!



Hi Culleen,

Thanks so much for Lola, your patience with us and our questions, and just for being so kind. We truly do love her and promise to take excellent care of her.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas, Happy New year and God Bless you and your family as well!!

All our love, Frank & Lisa           


Our experience with Culleen and Paul Martin of Princetin Poodles was delightful. They are so friendly and knowledgeable about their poodles. The house and kennel area was immaculate. The puppies were clean and loveable. The puppy we chose had been bathed and groomed before we got her. The parents were there for us to see and interact with also. Obviously, all the dogs were well cared for and loved by these folks. Culleen gave us some good tips about choice of diet for the puppy. When I forgot the name of the dog food that she sent home with us, she promptly emailed me back with the answer to my questions. If you are looking for a puppy from Pincetin Poodles, we would highly recommend them to our family and friends.



"FARLEY" / "JADEN" ~ Platinum silver miniature poodle is now retired

Dear Culleen,

Just wanted to send a testimonial regarding our experience with Princetin Poodles. We had so much fun coming to get Farley and meeting all of your family. Farley has brought so much joy to our household. He is so cute and funny and also very smart. The instructor at the obedience class said he would make a great service dog because he has such a wonderful disposition. It was also unbelievable how easy he was to train. Everyone in the small town where we live knows Farley and he greets everyone with such enthusiasm. We now have gotten two poodles from you and love them both so much. They also get along great with each other.

Thanks again,


and my parents


"KALEI" ~ From Arial X Romeo Litter

I went to Princetin Poodles while on vacation in Florida not really wanting to buy a puppy after the sudden death of our Annie dog? and I even left my money at home so I would not make an impulsive decision. As much as I would like to say that I picked Kalei (Nickname: Kay-Lee) The Wonder Dog, it was more like she picked me at first sight. I was impressed when I first saw her in the outdoor enclosure running with the other dogs and when she came into the house she barked at her reflection in the dishwasher and mirror, barked at the television, and then came over to play with me to let me know that we were going home together. I just could not believe that Kalei was still available at five months old because she has perfect behavior in public just like her father Romeo and in our first month she has been in airports, hospitals, malls, stores, restaurants, cars, homes, and even on four flights? and I always get compliments on her perfect behavior from strangers everywhere. At home she has adventurous behavior like her mother Jasmin and wakes up to Attack the Day running and jumping back and forth over me on the bed until I finally grab and notice her? and she wants to play with every dog in the park. Also Kalei loves to go on morning walks in the park while I throw a lacrosse ball or Frisbee for her?and loves to go on night walks in the neighborhood to chase all of the rabbits? and this week I have filled the dog pool in our back yard and she has a great time splashing in the water. Most importantly Kalei is almost scary smart with full run of the house from her first week home, does not beg for people food, knows her dog toys and respects our personal property, and in only one month is even potty trained in three different family members homes. The best part is that Kalei bonded to us immediately, we always get big excited Hellos, she sleeps touching us when we are sick in bed, and she never lets us get out of her sight in public and watches us constantly at home. Lastly, we know that in the future she will become one of our Great Dogs so we gave her the special Hawaiian name Kalei (Pronounced: Ka-Lay-Eeh) which means The Love or The Child.

Kurt & Julie


"JETTA" Previously known as "ONYX" ~ She is now retired from breeding

I bought 'Jetta' from Culleen Martin / Princetin Poodles. It is obvious that she cares about her dogs and their placement. She spent a good amount of time with me answering my questions and letting me spend time with her before making my choice. Her dog room is immaculate along with her large undercover dog run, and the dogs are well mannered. I would not hesitate to buy another dog from her.

Thanks So Much,



Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love . . . they depart to teach us about loss. A

new dog never replaces an old dog, it merely expands the heart. If you have loved dogs,

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*can* do it, but why?

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