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Sales Information ~ Ground Transport ~ Deposits ~ Health Guarantee If you are looking for a specific color / gender out of a certain Sire and Dam, feel free to get on our WAIT LIST for your next puppy, by contacting us by email or phone, thank you.​

We comply with Florida Sales Tax Laws for all pups sold to, in the state of Florida (Sales Tax only applies to Florida ​​Residents)

Ground Transport

Partial payment is required at least 10 days prior to transport. Balance due must be paid by cash only at arrival/destination. All puppies come with a Florida State Health Certificate issued by our veterinarian. Please be aware that some weather restrictions may apply when transporting live animals. Every effort will be made to see that your puppy has a safe, comfortable journey. We do not ground transport in extreme conditions. Please be prepared to provide TLC for your new arrival after a long journey. It is best to schedule puppy's arrival around a time when you can be home to help your new puppy with transitioning to a new environment, and to slowly adapt to his new family. 

Reservation / Deposit / Down payment Information:

We accept a Reservation Deposit, when we confirm the pregnancy at 5 to 6 weeks into gestation and estimated due date; however, you do have the option to place your Deposit before pregnancy is confirmed to ensure closer "pick" number of the litter. To "hold" a puppy of your choice, we require a NON-REFUNDABLE, but transferable Deposit of $500.00. Transferable means, that if your color and / or gender are not available, your deposit will transfer to the next litter of your choice. Your Deposit goes towards the purchase price of a puppy. This Deposit signifies intent on the behalf of the purchaser to follow through with the purchase transaction of a puppy. For Deposits; we only accept cash or personal checks, and must be either Sun Trust, Suncoast Credit Union, Mid Florida and Crews Bank or lastly a Postal Money Order purchased at a post office. WE DO NOT ACCEPT personal checks on the balance due of a puppy; nor do we accept bank checks, cashiers checks or money orders other than a postal money order purchased at a post office. We will notify you when Deposit has been received. Please NOTE: Date of Deposits determine "PICK OF LITTER." PRINCETIN POODLES LLC has the right to choose "1st  pick" and so on for ourselves if we so desire, even if Deposits are placed at any time. 1st and 2nd pick Males and Females are reserved for Show and/or Service Dog Candidate Client's, unless otherwise specified. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE ARE DEPOSITS REFUNDABLE. Check out our UPCOMING / PLANNED LITTERS page for future litters. Full payment is required between 8 to 10 weeks of age. If the puppy will not be picked up by 10 weeks old, then balance must be paid in full by 10 weeks of age. Furthermore, if puppy has not been picked up by 10 weeks old, you will pay a boarding fee of $30.00 per day. Balance due must be paid by CASH ONLY. If puppy will be transported by our personal ground transport / flight nanny, it is at your expense. Partial payment due 10 days prior to shipping. Balance due must be paid by cash only at arrival / destination. Princetin Poodles LLC does have the right to refuse a sale of a puppy or adult dog for any reason, with no explanation, at any time. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DEPOSITS ARE REFUNDED..

Health Guarantee

Your puppy will have all its current shots, vet checked and Florida State Health Certificate issue by our veterinarian.

Should your puppy be diagnosed with genetic abnormalities within the first year of life, and medication will not alleviate the symptoms so your puppy can continue with a quality of life, we will replace the puppy with another appropriate puppy at no cost, EXCEPT TRANSPORT to the ORIGINAL purchaser. You must provide documentation of diagnosis, and treatment from a licensed Veterinary University; furthermore it must be on the veterinarian's letter head with vet's signature, that the puppy is unfit for sale at time of purchase. It must be submitted by the ORIGINAL purchaser. Buyer must make arrangements to bring said puppy back to Seller. Buyer must pay for transport back to the Seller, at no cost to the Seller. Our Veterinarian will also examine the puppy to make a diagnosis. Our foundation breeding stock of high quality Multi-Championship poodles came from well established, reputable breeders well over 50 years of breeding healthy, sound puppies, free of genetic disorders.

PRINCETIN POODLES LLC gives a 1 year congenital hereditary disorder guarantee.

~ Buy from us with confidence, you will love our gorgeous babies ~

Check out our "TESTIMONIALS" page


Arcadia, Florida


Located in Beautiful South West Florida


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