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Princetin Poodles llc.

CHIFFON x REBEL LITTER of 10, Born April 14, 2021. There are 4 Boys and 6 Girls. There is 1 Service Dog Candidate male available.  There is 1 brindle tuxedo male for a Guardian Home OR with full AKC show/breed rights to approved breeder.  We DO NOT support the cross breeding of our poodles with other breeds! We DO NOT sell to DOODLE or MERLE breeders, they are mutts! We DO NOT sell our puppies to brokers or pet shops of any kind. PUPPY SLIDE SHOW BELOW AND VIDEO'S at the bottom of this page. UPDATED July 3, 2021

AKC Reg. BOB BIS UCH 'Princetin's White Chiffon' Call Name: "Chiffon"

Chiffon is very loving, loyal and affectionate! She has a fun-loving personality and sweet disposition. Chiffon is a social love bug. She's a fast learner with exceptional conformation. She Championed in one weekend with a "Best In Show" in UKC! She has a calm demeanor and has a Service Dog temperament. Chiffon is a perfect Service dog. She walks nicely in "heel" position and instantly lays nicely under tables at restaurants. She is consistent and reliable and when I ask her, "Where is mom's shoes?" She looks under my bed by laying down on her side with her head to the side; takes her front legs and scoops my shoes out and gives them to me, so happily proud of herself! My "Chiffon" is my LOVE!


Dam >>> Click Here OFA


Dam >>> Description & Pedigree Click Here

AKC Reg. 'Princetin's All Eyes On Me'

Call Name: "Rebel"

Rebel needs one more win to his UKC Championship. Rebel is as sweet as it gets! He is so in tune to his people, you would swear he was a human with fur! He is a cuddle bug, a real gentleman, a most perfect creature God put here on earth to enjoy! We know he'll instill his temperament and personality in his offspring. So excited for this litter! There will definitely be some Service Dog Temperament pups.


Sire > > > Click Here OFA

PLEASE NOTE: The rest of Rebel's genetic health testing by "Embark" was sent to me already. Now waiting for it to be posted on the OFA Database for you to see very soon! He was cleared for ALL! Even cleared for merle color gene.


Sire > > > Description & Pedigree Click Here


> > > Link to Questionnaire Click Here

SLIDE SHOW of Parents

SLIDE SHOW ~ Puppies - Names after Southern fabric, inspired by "Rebel" Sire.

ONLY 2 PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE. . .   'TWEED' AND 'LEVI' BOYS are on this slide show, located near the END!

Princetin Poodles LLC Are proud to present these beauties! Ten puppies born on April 14, 2021 and ready in June. There are 4 Boys and 6 Girls between BOB BIS UCH 'Princetin's White Chiffon" AKA "Chiffon" X 'Princetin's All Eyes On Me' AKA "Rebel." Ready for new homes in June, after 9 weeks old. COLORS: White & black Parti, black brindle parti's, possible black full brindles, solid black, male tuxedo. HEALTH GUARANTEE: Puppies come with a congenital health guarantee. Parents are genetically health tested OFA'D - DNA'D & CHIC # and verified on the OFA database. Our breedings are low COI, which directly correlates to health and longevity. Parents are very people friendly with confident "Beta" temperaments! (best of the best.) They are affectionate, gorgeous and well balanced. For more information about the parents description, more pictures, pedigrees and health clearances that are verified on the OFA database, click on the LADIES page and the GENTLEMEN'S page. Service dog prospects, show prospects and Family companions! Our puppies are Vet recommended & vet referrals available. Many Veterinarians have purchased puppies from us! Florida Health Certificate: Pups come with a State of Florida Veterinary Health Certificate and a puppy wellness checkup by our veterinarian. PUPPY CULTURE: Bio Sensor Exercises: (Early Neurological Stimulation) is done on our puppies from 3 days old to 16 days old. Check out the PUPPY CULTURE page for more information. TEMPERAMENT APTITUDE TESTING: Volhard, ABO, Personality and Service Dog Testing is performed by our professional service dog trainer of 25 years, police dog trainer of 30 years, obedience trainer and behaviorist. Testing is done at 7 weeks of age (49th. day) to determine which puppy is a "best fit" per family needs. We encourage our puppy buyers to watch all puppies videos on You Tube that will be uploaded by the following day. You may speak to our SD Trainer by phone about the results. Check out the TEMPERAMENT TESTING page for more information. According to the date of deposit, most client's choose their "pick pup" after the Temperament testing results are posted at 7 weeks old. HOW OUR PUPS ARE RAISED: Pups are whelped and raised inside our home, master bedroom and living room where we are. They are handled and socialized daily by our family, children and grandchildren, with your family in mind! Puppies are “potty grass box trained” for indoors in their fenced puppy play area in our family room. Potty & play outdoors begins at 6 weeks old after their first vaccination. At 5 to 6 weeks old they have their own individual crate with a soft fleece blanket to cuddle with at night time. At 8 to 9 weeks old, they are 90% crate trained. By 8 weeks old, puppies are getting used to going potty outside but not fully house trained. Puppies are exposed to the many elements of nature such as surrounding: horses, goats, flags, tunnel, large balls, bicycle movement, puppy gym, wobble board, kids slide, kiddy pool with toys, swing hammock, different textures and sound desensitization of motor cycles, semi-trucks, thunder, lightning, sirens, guns, etc. Pups are pretty much “bomb proof” by the time you receive your baby! This litter has strong Performance, Conformation, Service Dog Candidates, Therapy, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Hunt, Lure Coursing, Dock Jumping, Tricks, etc. WHAT COMES WITH YOUR PUPPY: A goody bag filled with a leash and martingale collar - Nyla bone - ball - toy - fleece cuddle blanket for bed time - premium puppy food sample – NuVet Vitamins sample – State of Florida Health Certificate issued by our veterinarian - vaccination and worming record – business cards and a magazine. We encourage our puppy buyers to read and print out the PRE-PURCHASE SUPPLIES page located on our website. PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE: We ask that you please fill out our puppy questionnaire located on our website for review and approval before you come to visit us or place your Deposit. Be sure to fill out each box or it will NOT send. Family Companion Price: From $2,500.00 to $3,000.00 (plus Sales Tax, only applies to Florida residents) with “Limited” AKC registration - no breeding rights - companion homes only - spay / neuter Contract OR Show Price: Extra $1,000.00 for Full AKC registration to approved show homes. Service Dog Aptitude Candidates, call for pricing. If puppy will be transported, partial payment is required at least 10 days prior to ground transport or air fare with our flight nanny in cabin, not in cargo. For more info. Call 863-244-9952

P R I C E:

Companion Price For Black Brindles - Blue Brindles - Silver Brindles - Tuxedo's: $3,000.00 with "Limited" AKC Registration, no breeding rights, companion homes, spay / neuter Contract (plus Sales tax applies only to Florida residents.)

Companion Price For Brown Brindles - Phantom - Parti's - Sables & Solids: $2,500.00 with "Limited" AKC Registration, no breeding rights, companion homes, spay / neuter Contract (plus Sales tax applies only to Florida residents.)

Show Price: $1,000.00 additional with "Full" AKC Registration to approved show homes.

Service Dog Candidates: Call for pricing, thank you.

D E P O S I T:

Reservation / Deposit / Down Payment Information:

We accept a Reservation Deposit, when we confirm the pregnancy at 5 to 6 weeks into gestation and estimated due date; however, you do have the option to place your Deposit before pregnancy is confirmed to ensure closer "pick" number of the litter. To "hold" a puppy of your choice, we require a NON-REFUNDABLE, but transferable Deposit of $500.00. Transferable means, that if your color and / or gender are not available, your deposit will transfer to the next litter of your choice. Your Deposit goes towards the purchase price of a puppy. This Deposit signifies intent on the behalf of the purchaser to follow through with the purchase transaction of a puppy. For Deposits; we only accept cash or personal checks, and must be either Wells Fargo, Sun Trust, Suncoast Credit Union and Mid Florida, or lastly a Postal Money Order purchased at a post office. WE DO NOT ACCEPT personal checks on the balance due of a puppy; nor do we accept bank checks, cashiers checks or money orders other than a postal money order purchased at a post office. We will notify you when Deposit has been received. Please NOTE: Date of Deposits determines "PICK OF LITTER." PRINCETIN POODLES LLC has the right to choose 1st. "pick" and so on for ourselves if we so desire, even if Deposits are placed at any time. 1st. and 2nd. pick Males and Females are reserved for Show and/or Service Dog Candidate Client's, unless otherwise specified. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE ARE DEPOSITS REFUNDABLE. Check out our UPCOMING / PLANNED LITTERS page for future litters. Full payment is required between 8 to 9 weeks of age. If the puppy will not be picked up by 9 weeks old, then balance must be paid in full by 9 weeks of age. Furthermore, if puppy has not been picked up by 9 weeks old, you will pay a boarding fee of $25.00 per day . Balance due must be paid by CASH ONLY. If puppy will be transported by our personal flight nanny or by our personal ground transport, it is at your expense. Partial payment due 10 days prior to shipping. Balance due must be paid by cash only at arrival / destination. Princetin Poodles LLC does have the right to refuse a

sale of a puppy or adult dog for any reason, with no explanation, at any time.

VIDEO Puppies at 3 weeks old

VIDEO Puppies at 2 weeks old

VIDEO puppies at 2 weeks old

VIDEO ~ Puppies