Princetin Poodles llc.


PUPPIES AVAILABLE  Currently we have 2 litters available and 1 other planned litter for 2018.  Please click above on the DROP DOWN BOX arrow under this page to view our current litters  UPDATED:  October 12, 2018

 Princetin Poodles LLC breeds Standard Poodles exclusively located in South West Florida.  We, and our "Guardian Homes" have litters available early spring, summer and sometimes fall each year. - our solid colors are:  darkest reds, inky blacks, ice whites, apricot, creams and some silvers. Also full body brindle, full body sable, brindle & white, Sable & white.


Remember when you're looking for that perfect puppy, you may need to wait for a litter to be born.  Reputable and careful breeders do not have puppies available all the time and a good puppy is well worth the wait.  If you are willing to settle for just any puppy, that is exactly what you will get, just any puppy.


Darkest REDS ~ Various SOLID Colors ~ Full Body BRINDLES ~ Full Body SABLES ~ Brindle/White Parti's


* * * Some of our Breeding/Show dogs live in our "Approved Guardian Homes" * * *

 We are so grate-ful for our Guardian families and co-owner homes.  Everyone gets the love & affection they need & deserve.  They live in our homes & sleep in our bedrooms.  We get to add dogs to our breeding program that we otherwise would not be able to consider.  This assures diversity we may otherwise miss out on.


To  "Reserve" your puppy, contact us, and we will place you on our RESERVATION / DEPOSIT LIST.  We need your name, phone number, gender and color desired.  When pregnancy is confirmed at about 4 to 5 weeks into gestation, we will be accepting DEPOSITS OF $500.00 DOWN that is required to "hold" your baby.  You may choose your "PICK" according to the "date" of your deposit.  DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, but transferable to the next litter, towards the purchase price of the puppy.  You have the option to place your DEPOSIT before pregnancy is confirmed as well  Click on SALES INFORMATION upper tab for more information.  All puppies sold with "Limited" AKC Registration (pet homes only ~ spay / neuter Contract) OR "Full" AKC Registration, only to approved show homes.

When you purchase a PRINCETIN POODLES puppy, you will receive the following:

*  Congenital Health Guarantee

*  Parents are Genetically Health Tested (verified on OFFA website)  Hips / Elbows / Patellas / Cerf/Caer (eyes) / Cardiac (heart) / Thyroid / Dentition / Dna'd - DM - neWs - vWD /    Chic #

*  Vet Recommended & Vet Referrals

*  Florida State Veterinary Health Certificate issued by our Veterinarian

*  Vaccination Record   (6 & 8 weeks old 5 way puppy shots)

*  Vet puppy wellness physical exam by our veterinarian  (patella, hips, eyes, ears, heart, weight, temperature, fecal, shots)

*  Puppies 90% Crate trained and learning to potty outdoors

*  Sire & Dam's pedigree and pictures are located on our website to view

*  AKC Registration

*  Puppy packet (free samples of heart worm and flea products with coupons from vet, when available)

*  Martingale collar to fit by 14-16 weeks of age - through adulthood

*  Puppy Nyla Bone and/or a toy

*  Puppy will go home groomed and will have been groomed a few times prior to 8 weeks of age

*  Current starter puppy food, now feeding 4health puppy (lamb)  Purchased at Tractor Supply Company (TSC)

*  Tails are docked at show length taking off 1/3 of the tail and dew-claws are removed (root & nail at 3 days old)

*  Temperament Puppy Aptitude Tested at 7 weeks old, on the 49th. day by VOLHARD and ABO  ~ also PERSONALITY  Testing   by our professional trainer

*  A well socialized puppy that is handled daily by our family and grandchildren

*  Puppies are exposed to the many elements of nature such as: surrounding cattle, horses, goats, automobiles )(out of puppy play area, but in view)  flags, bicycle, stroller, large balls, puppy play gym, tunnel, wobble board and different textures

*  Wormed with Pyrantel Pamoate & Fenbendazole

*  Given Marque at 7 weeks old and 8 weeks old (for new change of environment to their new home)

*  We encourage puppy buyers to read and print out the whole page, PRE-PURCHASE SUPPLIES and keep it in your puppies   file.  Breed specific information as well.

*  A "LIFETIME" OF HELP AND SUPPORT by email or phone - we do not text