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OUR SERVICE DOGS Every litter of ours have some service dog candidates. Reserve your next service dog puppy by placing your deposit on an upcoming or planned litter of your choice. Our professional service dog trainer of 25 years can help you choose your next service puppy by performing the Aptitude/Temperament/Personality/Natural Ability Service Dog.  She can help you to train your own puppy for service work 1 day per week or bi-weekly to become a Service Dog.  She does Florida Home visits.  For those of you that live out of state, she uses Facetime or other means via social media.  Once you have filled out your puppy questionnaire and are approved for purchase, you may call and talk to her.



PRINCETIN POODLES are great prospects for Search and Rescue, Therapy dogs, Herding,

Tracking, and Service Assistance Dogs! Here are the fields our dogs are currently working in:

Service/Assistance Dogs: Service dogs are trained to assist people with disabilities. There

are many types of Service Dogs, so here are just a handful of them:

* Guide Dogs: Assist the seeing impaired and act as their eyes in different situations.

* Mobility Dogs: Assist people with Mobility Impairments, by picking dropped objects up, opening and closing doors, and many more tasks to assist their disabled handler.

* Hearing Dogs: Alert to specific sounds around the house or out in public. They can alert to fire alarms, door bells or their handlers name being called.

* Psychiatric Service Dogs: Can assist with many different Mental Health Disabilities here are a few: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

* "PTSD", Panic and Anxiety Disorders.

* Seizure Alert Dogs: Can alert to seizures before the medical attacks happen.

* Seizure Response Dogs: Can respond after or during a seizure by getting help, calling 911, and many more responses.

* Diabetic Alert Dogs: Can alert to Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics Highs and Lows.

* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and many more Mental Health Disabilities.

  Artemis Medical Alert Service Dog

"ARTEMIS" (small standard poodle) Out of Jaden X Romeo

"Art" has past all his testing at 14 months old, what an accomplishment at such a very young age!!!

Hello, my name is "Art," I have a very important job! I am a service dog. I can alert my handler up to 30 minutes before she has a medical attack. Also, I can do many things to assist her such as: Getting help, getting medication, body blocking "to give her space in crowds," safety checking a room, doing deep pressure therapy, finding an exit, looking both ways for motor vehicles and bicycles before crossing the street, removing her from situations, "if they will cause a medical attack," and many more things to assist my handler to live a "normal life." I was born a NATURAL ALERTER! Nobody taught me that!

Here are some tips for interacting with me:

 * Please don't distract me, "it will harm my handler if you do".

* Please ask before petting. "If it looks like I'm assisting my handler, please don't ask to pet, and definitely DO NOT TOUCH"!

* Please DO NOT: give me commands or feed me!


* If my handler says, "NO", then do not be offended, for she may not be feeling well.

* Please don't ask about my handler's disabilities, she would rather keep this personal info. between her Doctor & herself.

* Please don't stand closer than 3 feet, for it causes my handler to UNNECESSARY ANXIETY!

* Do approach my handler in a friendly calm manner.

Princetin Poodles LLC

Located in South West - Aradia, Florida


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