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Our daughter, Jazare Alvarez is currently showing Kitty.  The Judges LOVE her!  One judge said she would take her home with her!!   She's taken BEST PUPPY in the previous 5 shows!  BEST IN SHOW 3 - 6 Month old Puppy!  4 BRED BY'S.  Kitty is a NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL PUPPY CHAMPION.   Kitty is not w UKC CHAMPION and currently going for her UKC GRCH! She has gotten multiple BEST IN SHOWS!  "Kitty" is on her way to big stuff!  So proud of her.  She is a black brindle.  Below are more pictures of Kitty in the ring - showing her hot stuff...       
UCH INT CH  'Princetin's Hear Me Roar'
CALL NAME:  'Kitty'
AKC / UKC Registered                
OUT OF:  Annika & Bo
BREED:  Standard Poodle
DATE OF BIRTH:  December 1, 2016
COLOR:  Black & Silver full body brindle
PIGMENT/POINTS:  Black nose, lips, eye rims, nails, pads
SEX:  Female
HEIGHT:  ___ inches tall at the shoulder  (not done growing yet)
LENGTH:  ___ inches long (not done growing yet)
WEIGHT:  ___ lbs.  (not done growing yet)