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So happy with our poodle. Sweet, smart, pretty! Nice size—45 lbs. - a pleasure. From a Great breeder!

Barbara A.

D'JORE X JACK LITTER . . . Litter name: "Lore" - Now known as "Fletcher" Our search for a “red” standard poodle puppy, from a responsible breeder, led us to Culleen Martin with Princetin Poodles.

Before meeting Culleen and her poodles, we felt comfortable making a deposit on a puppy based on phone conversations and the information outlined on her website. Her website is chock-full of information about her dames and sires (including pedigrees and extensive health testing) past puppies, health certificates, sales information, puppy temperament testing, and much, much more. Once we met Culleen and toured her facility, we knew we had made a good decision. She is passionate about breeding exquisite standard poodles in a loving, healthy environment. Culleen and Princetin Poodles not only met but exceeded all of our expectations.

Fletcher, formerly Lore, is now 15 months old and thriving. So far, he has completed and excelled at both basic and intermediate obedience training. He has become a loyal and loving companion to our family, including the new best buddy to our five-year-old female standard poodle, Shelby. He is fun-loving and makes friends everywhere he goes. As far as appearance and temperament, he stands out in a crowd. People always compliment Fletcher on how handsome, friendly, and well behaved he is.

We are so pleased with our choice to purchase a puppy from Princetin Poodles. We look forward to sharing many happy years with Fletcher.

The Warmuth Family

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