Princetin Poodles llc.


OLDER PUPPY & 2 ADULTS AVAILABLE  Please check back with us from time to time for more older dogs as well, Thank you.  UPDATED: 05 16/20

"Journey" (above) is available for a GUARDIAN HOME.  Must be within an hour drive from our Arcadia, FL home.  Journey is 4 years old.  Born: December 15, 2015.  He is very sweet and gets along well with cats, small & large dogs.  Just a great all around sweet disposition and temperament boy.  Please fill out our puppy questionnaire located on the PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE page for review and approval before you come to visit. Please call me for more details at 863-244-9952.

"Meriam" is available as a Service Dog Candidate.  She was temperament tested at 7 weeks old, and is a 'NATURAL" Service Dog Candidate.  She is outgoing, loves people and will truly make a wonderful companion for someone with special needs.  You may speak to our Service Dog Trainer of 20 years!  Please call for details at 863-244-9952.

"EMBER"  Is as sweet as they get.  She loves to cuddle and sleep in bed with you!  Ember has a really goofy personality a comic girl for sure that will keep you laughing.  She is a people's dog and loves everyone she meets.  She gets along well with small and large dogs.  She is fully genetically health tested.  She is crate trained and 98% house trained.  Our dogs are let out to potty every 3 to 4 hours during the day.  She has only had two litters of puppies and was the greatest mom, however we are downsizing and she will make someone a great companion dog that will be very loyal to her family!  You may check out her PAST PUPPIES pages and her DAM'S page for description, health testing, pedigree and more.