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OLDER DOGS AVAILABLE PAGE   At this time we do have "Fozzy" available soon.  Fozzy is 4 years old.  Please check back with us from time to time for more older dogs as well, Thank you.
UPDATED: 04/22/19

"Fozzy" is 4 years old full brindle striped boy.  He is out of our Annika x Tiger litter.  He will be available soon.  He is scheduled to be neutered.  Once he has recovered from neutering nicely, he will be available.  He is a performance show prospect or selling him as a companion for an athletic family.  He would be perfect for a performance dog that will achieve high scores in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Lure Coursing, Frisbee and hunt competitions.  He does have a high prey drive and he's a high energy boy.  He looks up at you during the heeling exercise, backs up straight, 360 right and left.  Sits and downs are amazing!  Very impressed with this super smart, fast learning boy!  He is fully house and crate trained.  He is super friendly to strangers and kids.  He's been on several vacations and does well in cabin on airline flights.  He never marks and gets along well with all dogs.  He loves cats and sleeps with them.  Call me please if interested at 863-244-9952